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Hi guys, Floz here! We apologise that the following will sound very dry, but there are certain legal things we need to take care off / protect ourselves from. The following disclaimer can also be found on the disclaimer page. Best regards, and see you tomorrow, Florian. Once again, if you do not agree to any of the above, you may not partake in events/trips/activities organised by us. If you have paid for any events/trips/activities in advance, you will be, of course, fully refunded.

The following concerns both members and non-members — independent of whether they are registered students or staff of NUI Maynooth or not — that partake in any event/trip/activity organised by the International Students’ Society. By participating in any of our events/trips/activities you tacitly acknowledge and agree to the Clubs and Societies Safety Statement of the NUI Maynooth, a copy of which can be found here. In particular, we would like to point to Paragraphs 1.3 and 3 of Section 1. You must read the document in its entirety and note and observe your responsibilities. Furthermore: To all those who are not registered students or staff of NUIM: We hereby inform you that you are not covered by the insurance policy for accident and injury of NUI Maynooth University.

By agreeing to participate in an activity/trip/event, you are hereby informed that you are not covered by the NUI Maynooth insurance policy, and thus assume any and all risk and personal liability for theft, accident, or injury. By participating in an event/trip/activity, you also hereby agree to release NUI Maynooth University as well as representatives/organizers/committee members of the NUIM International Students’ Society from any and all responsibility or liability for accident, injury, or theft. Any who find this objectionable or unacceptable must desist from participation in any event/trip/activity immediately (but will be given a full refund for any cost/fees paid for said event/trip/activity).