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We had meant to get a design for T-Shirts out much earlier in the semester, but you know how things go sometimes! Anyway, we’ve come up with a few designs, and we want you to decide which you like the most! The approximate price for each shirt will be 8–10 EUR. We will let you know then about different sizes and colours available. (Currently we are considering two colours, black as well as green, to give you some choice). The writing and designs on the shirts will be in White.

If you are having trouble casting your vote, pop us an email, we’ll add it manually. Hi, first of all, that is a brilliant idea! I am sure that it is very much appreciated, thank you for making up your mind about it! I am definitely in favour of the “Been there, done that” T-Shirt. Would there be another option of swapping back and front? I´m not actually sure how to vote though. Thanks :-) Swapping back in front would only be possible for the entire collection, not just a single one. As far as we know, most people prefer the print to be on the front…

First, we just wanted to say thanks to everyone that went on the trip to Belfast! It was the largest weekend trip that we’ve ever done, and we hope that everyone had a good time there. Also, we wanted to say sorry to the people who were in the two rooms with the broken heating; I’ll get you some drinks to make up for it! Also, with regards to the Giants Causeway day tour — we did call the hostel in advance to tell them that (the majority of the people in) our group was interested in doing that tour on Saturday and that they should let the bus company know about this. I rang the hostel about this more than a week before we arrived, but either the hostel did not forward our request or the tour company ignored it.