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It should be obvious how to vote…If you can’t see the vote options, then you are probably using a computer somebody else has used to vote. I think the voting-plugin here only allows one vote per machine or IP-Address, or something like that. Would you mind trying again from another computer…? Otherwise, send us an email which one you’d would vote for and I’ll add your vote manually. Cheers!

We are now considering writing a formal complaint to the owner of the hostel about both problems. As we’ve never had any problems with them before (we’ve been staying at the same hostel for several years now) we were very surprised to encounter these issues. Hopefully everyone that wanted to see Giant’s Causeway got to go, even if it was on the express tour on Sunday. Just as a reminder, the details for the two trips to Newgrange are as follows: Our booking is for 11:00am. We will leave from Maynooth at 9:45am. The tour lasts about 2 hours, so we will return to Maynooth at about 2:30 in the afternoon. Our booking is for 10:00am. We will leave from Maynooth at 8:45am. The tours is 2 hours, so we’ll be back to Maynooth at about 1:30 in the afternoon.

We still have spaces available for both days, so if you’re interested in signing-up, you can e-mail us, or text me at 037 6769156. Also, we will hold a second chance to sign-up this Thursday evening in the Arts Block. I will be in the corridor by the computers between 6 and 7 PM for anyone that still wants to go! Our film this weekend, due to ‘popular demand’, will be the film In Bruges, starring Colin Farrel. The film will be, as usual, in Theatre 1 in the Arts Block, this Sunday evening, starting at 7:30 pm.