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March 31st, 2010
Hoodie Poll

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For those of you from outside the European Union (like myself), please remember to bring your passport or other documents with you, as we are technically going into another country. Remember that they use British Pounds up there (Sterling), not Euros! If you have a bank card from a bank here in the Republic of Ireland or another EU country, you should be able to use that card in the cash machines up there to withdraw pounds with no problems. Please remember to stay together with other people when you are there; don’t go wondering out alone! I don’t imagine there will not be any problems, but please remember that Belfast is not a place you want to start trouble in! And please, whatever you do, do not go into West Belfast by yourself!!

The people there won’t necessarily be happy to see you! Our hostel does not provide breakfast, but there is a Tesco and several other shops close to the hostel. There is a kitchen at the hostel for you to cook something! The buses to go to Belfast will leave from in front of the Student’s Union building, this Friday 3:00pm. We will leave from the hostel in Belfast to come back to Maynooth between 4:00 and 5:00pm. We will decide as the weekend goes! If you decide to go on the Giant’s Causeway day tour, which I’m sure most of you will, please go on the Saturday! The tour does not finish until around 6pm, so you won’t make it back in time go home on our bus if you do this tour on the Sunday! Remember, you can sign-up for The Giant’s Causeway and Black Taxi Tours right at the reception desk of our hostel!

And here… comes the Belfast trip! There are a few things that people need to know when going to Belfast, just some basic information that I should bring to your attention. Hello, everyone! Ed here! I should have sent this information to all of you in the last email, but I forgot to do it! It must be my old age catching-up with me… Anyway, I want to announce sign ups for our last trip of the semester, to Newgrange! Since I’m really bad at explaining exactly what Newgrange is, here are several links that will tell you all about it (1, 2, 3, 4). We have 2 bookings for Newgrange; each booking allows only a maximum of 48 people per visit! The 2 bookings are for Saturday, December 6 at 11:00am, and Sunday, December 7 at 10:00am. This means we will have to leave Maynooth early to get there!! I will let you all know next week when we will have to leave for each trip. The cost for the trip is 12 EUR per person, and this covers the bus and admission into Newgrange. Sign-ups will begin tomorrow evening before the film! I’ll be in Theatre 1 in the Arts Block from 7pm! Remember the cost is 12 Euro per-person for everything!

Best themed-parties for students

No matter how tired they would be after a difficult exam, students are always ready to party all night long. Either you organize them or one of your friends, themed-parties are the craziest ways of having fun when you're doing your college studies. In this way you will discover the science you chose to study as well as more about the world outside it and its challenges.

Find out how students have fun

Students can easily find a reason of celebrating when the weekend is approaching, even when there's no one’s birthday. You can think of a theme, like karaoke or pool party in the backyard or in a rented location. If one of you is celebrating his birthday though, you should bring one of the glamorous escorts who know exactly how to entertain him. Regardless of the type of soiree you choose, there should always be good music and alcohol, so that everyone would relax, dance and maybe even sing in case there you decide for karaoke.

One of the top favorite themed-parties among students is the Halloween celebration. This proves to be really funny because teenagers are extremely creative, so they will surprise everyone with their costumes. If you wish to turn this tradition in endless parties, don’t hesitate to invite a beautiful Parisian escort to your event. As every weekend should be celebrated, you can think of alternatives when there is no local holiday. You probably have many colleagues around the globe who can suggest some of their local well-known holidays, such as the carnival.

Best themes for your parties

As shown above, you can have an international experience from the comfort of your own home if you choose to invite all your foreigner colleagues with whom you can share some specific foods and their history or learn and teach specific dances. You can invite a French escort for them. Your colleagues would appreciate how friendly and lovely these ladies are. A good idea is to have a party for each nationality, namely, the French soiree, the Egyptian night, and so on.

If you want to try something unusual, you should consider a casino night or a pirate party. In this case, escorts should be again the special guests as they would definitely choose a sexy pirate outfit that will impress everyone. Other great parties are those for Christmas, where you can try secret Santa activity and the Santa's outfit. New Year's Eve is a special reason for celebrating, when you could choose to have fun at a Hollywood party that allows you to try some outstanding outfits and a lot of champagne.

Maybe we could learn something about the best ways to have fun from the students that know how to make the most of their college time. It is important to study for your future but it is also essential to relax and have fun during these beautiful years when you don't have to worry about almost anything. Through these parties, students are actually keeping an overall balance in their life.